If anyone is following my posts here, I recently took my home office apart to accommodate a Ultra-wide monitor. I was unhappy with how my flow was in the room and redid it again. I really like this set-up now.

EDIT: Scans are down until I find a way to index and preview them properly. For right now the scans are located in my onedrive and linked here publicly. Again no search functionality is available right now. I’m still looking for a suitable platform to index these files properly.

Had almost all the Blue Books 1960’s scans done and guess what? I decided to run updates on my XenServer I call “Beast1” after the reboot none and I mean none of my images connected. I’m installing Xen 7.6 and I will start loading back my images on it. JustContinue Reading

Hey, I’m slowly working my way through the scans from the 196o’s. I’m uploading this week and the doc management system is doing a good job handling the data, but preview generation is slow. If I upload say 50 or more scans it could take a day to generate theContinue Reading

Check the menu for document locations Hi and welcome, I am very slowly uploading my scans of the original Project Blue Book Scans. These I downloaded from the internet and quality is (at best) spotty. However I felt that I wanted to maintain digital copies in a archive of myContinue Reading