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About Me

Hi, I'm John Weldy. Friends and family call me Jay and I'm a freelance content creator, videographer and photographer. By trade, I'm a systems, database and network administrator with well over 20 years of experience. Most of my information and content is hosted on YouTube and Facebook, links below.


Sony Camera Introduction

Still Photography

I started learning Still & Wildlife photography in late 2016/2017 after buying my first Sony a600 camera at a Pawn shop. After several months of shooting on the a600 I purchased the beast of a camera, the Sony a7iii 24 MP camera and started seriously collecting e-mounnt lenses to enhance my experience.

360 Degree Photography

Insta360 Pro 8K Camera

The Insta360 Pro is a high-quality 360-degree camera with professional features, including 8K resolution, real-time stitching, and advanced image stabilization, making it ideal for immersive content creation.

Corporate Interview and Commercial Video

Job Title

Commercial cinematography requires a keen eye for detail, technical expertise, and creative problem-solving skills. It involves working with a team of professionals, including gaffers, grips, and camera operators, to execute complex shots and achieve the desired look and feel. The end result is a visually captivating commercial that engages audiences, communicates the brand's message, and ultimately drives consumer interest and action.


Fletcher Senior High School

1977 - 1980

General Study

University of North Florida

1981 - Incomplete



360 Project

360 degree photography is a captivating hobby that involves capturing immersive panoramic images, encompassing the entire surroundings. It requires specialized equipment, such as a 360 degree camera, and a keen eye for composition. Photographers can explore diverse subjects, from landscapes to interiors, and experiment with unique perspectives, lighting, and stitching techniques. The resulting photos can be shared online or experienced through virtual reality (VR) platforms, allowing viewers to virtually step into the scene. It's a creative and dynamic form of photography that offers an engaging way to capture and share the world from a unique and all-encompassing perspective.

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