Welcome to my site. It’s part advertising, part informational and part hobbyist. If you return often you’ll get an idea of why I’m not quite sure what I am. Am I a coder, a graphics artist, a IT Administrator or just an amateur photographer?

We’ll see.

IT Administration

I’ve been a IT Administrator for over 20 years and if you asked me 19 years ago if this would end up being my career I would have said no.

I get passionate about some things, I loved fashion and learned a lot about that. I also became a pretty good automotive painter for a while in my thirties. Sitting at a computer screen for most of my day wasn’t in the cards but it turns out I’m pretty good at designing networks and applications.


🙂 I currently run IT for a small Delaware based business in the Commercial Equipment sector.

4 locations, 10 servers and roughly 40 end-user PC’s supported.

I absolutely love my job, the people I work for and with. I truly feel gifted to have this position.

The position offers a diverse work week almost every week.

I also sometimes moonlight as a web developer and in graphic design.


My Dead Osmo +

Well, well. My beloved Osmo + died! Dread welled up inside me after trying to calibrate the gimbals before doing a tech video and the camera head dropped over. After talking to a rep at DJI I was informed that I’d have to send it back for repair. Six days later I received a email …

October Happenings

Well, let’s see. Working on my first “real” web project in a while. A non-profit Christian group out of Camden, DE. Still working hard at my real job and there is certainly something new to do everyday. Most of it’s daily server and backup maintenance.


I can be reached by email and I’m always willing to discuss really interesting projects. Again, I do have a real job so I only focus on exceptional concepts.